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What do you consider special about the community where you live or the places you visit? Is there an iconic landmark, a cultural event, an historic Main Street, or perhaps even a local diner that are significant showplaces to help distinguish your corner of the world from all others on earth? Do you seek out these special, authentic sites when you travel? If so, you’ve come to the right site – but we need your help. is the portal to saving and sharing these historic, cultural and natural sites – and their related programs and activities. Often operated by volunteers or non-profit organizations, these real places have real needs requiring real investment.

Why focus on authenticity? “Authenticity and Quality” became the first guiding principles when the National Trust for Historic Preservation started is heritage tourism initiative in 1989. Today, authenticity resonates with even greater importance as the world becomes more homogenized. Valued by local residents, these places are increasingly important to cultural and heritage tourists desiring a distinctive experience. To ensure these authentic places, traditions, craft, and events are around for future generations, support is needed now. Review the collection of examples where giving made a difference.

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Case Study: Ludington, Michigan

The western shore of Michigan links lakefront communities like a string of pearls. Most of these towns swell with summer vacationers seeking escape from urban cities to enjoy sandy beaches and recreational activities for all ages.  One special town, nestled between Grand Rapids and Traverse City, knows their landscape is significant.  Ludington has a century of maritime history to prove it. And a sculpture trail to help tell the story of lumber barons, centennial farms, commercial fishing, and other maritime activities. This town lives and celebrates its cultural traditions. The SS Badger continues its 60-year-history of transporting passengers across Lake Michigan from its Ludington and Manitowac ports. People wait eagerly at House of Flavors to get a taste of nostalgia - rich, … [Read More...]

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